Special Issue: Printed edition of Intangible Capital Vol 12, No. 1 (2016) - VI Congrés Català de Comptabilitat i Direcció

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Vol 12, No 1 (2016): VI Congrés Català de Comptabilitat i Direcció

Table of Contents


An analysis of determinants of going concern audit opinion: Evidence from Spain stock exchange
Jose Luis Gallizo, Ramon Saladrigues
In search of financial sufficiency in the Spanish public university: From financing to the cost control and cost management
Santiago Aguilà
Bibliometric analysis of the international literature on open innovation and absorptive capacity
Elies Seguí-Mas, Elisa Signes-Pérez, Faustino Sarrión-Viñes, Joaquín Alegre Vidal
The recognition of public goods: The case of Portuguese municipalities
Susana Catarino Rua
Entrepreneurship and business survival in times of crisis: The case of Barcelona
Marian Buil Fabregá, Alfredo Rocafort Nicolau
Electronic companies with high growth potential: Financial position to future challenges
Nuria Arimany-Serrat, Queralt Aymerich Tarrés, Xavier Ferràs Hernández
Impact of service quality on competitiveness and profitability: The hotel industry in the Catalan coast
Juan Pedro Aznar, Llorenc Bagur, Alba Rocafort
Estrategia corporativa en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad
Carlos H. Hurtado Jaramillo, Nuria Arimany-Serrat, Xavier Ferràs Hernández, Dulcinea Mejide
Do Catalan private hospitals enjoy financial health?
Judit Creixans Tenas, Nuria Arimany-Serrat
The Spanish company in China: Entry forms and barriers to internationalization
Àngels Niñerola, Maria-Victoria Sanchez-Rebull
Scientific production in the field of academic spin-off: A bibliometric analysis
Elias Seguí-Mas, Faustino Sarrión-Viñes, Guillermina Tormo-Carbó, Víctor Oltra Comorena
Economic and Financial Analysis of Rioja wine sector
Nuria Arimany-Serrat, Àngels Farreras, Joaquim Rabaseda
How much corporate taxes are paying Catalan family firms? Analysis of accrued and effective tax rates
Laura Sánchez Pulido, Jordi Moreno
Self-perception of ethical behaviour: The case of listed Spanish companies
Maria José García López, Oriol Amat, Alfredo Rocafort
The integrated reporting: A presentation of the current state of art and aspects of integrated reporting that need further development
Jordi Morros
Effect of internal controls on credit risk among listed Spanish banks
Ellis Kofi Akwaa-Sekyi, Jordi Moreno Gené