Bibliometric analysis of the international literature on open innovation and absorptive capacity

Elies Seguí-Mas, Elisa Signes-Pérez, Faustino Sarrión-Viñes, Joaquín Alegre Vidal


Purpose: To assess if it exists the close relationship suggested by some authors between open innovation and absorptive capacity.

Design/methodology/approach: Bibliometric analysis on the Web of Science about the international literature where both terms are treated simultaneously.

Findings: It has been shown that it is a field of growing interest and that there is a close relationship between open innovation and absorptive capacity.

Research limitations/implications: The bias due to the database selected and the selection criteria applied (they could affect the no selection of some significant articles).

Practical implications: To know that the absorption capacity is related to open innovation can help organizations become more innovative enhancing this capability.

Originality/value: The approach used is a novelty and the conclusions can better understand the relationship between both terms (open innovation and absorption capacity). Thus, it can help increase innovation.


open innovation, absorptive capacity, bibliometrics analysis, literature review

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