Scientific production in the field of academic spin-off: A bibliometric analysis

Elies Seguí-Mas, Faustino Sarrión-Viñes, Guillermina Tormo-Carbó, Víctor Oltra


Purpose: Literature review of existing academic spin-offs in order to present the current situation at the international level.

Design/methodology/approach: Literature review.

Findings and Originality/value: The bibliometric analysis of the literature (1990-2014) on academic spin-off permits find the most relevant authors, journals, both directly (number of publications) and indirectly (number of citations) contribute to the literature, analysis co-authors, keywords, geolocation and co-citation between articles. The scientific production in this field consists mainly of articles written in English in high impact journals (published mainly in recent years), indicating both the field today, as the interest in high impact journals published studies relating to the spin-off. The incidence of a large number of authors who publish only a single job, besides the small number of collaborations between them, it find out what the current literature is still growing.

Research limitations/implications: Similarly to other studies, this is not without limitations. A possible limitation of the study lies in the possible non-inclusion of one of the key items considered in the literature, but not for lack of methodology, but rather by the scope of the database.

Originality/value: The added value of this study lies in an updated review of the literature spin-off with little use of analysis techniques used in this field.


Spin-offs, literature review, EBT, analysis of co-occurrences

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