Impact of the law for effective equality between women and men in the content of collective bargaining in Andalusian construction sector

María Jesús Torres Martos, Marisa Román Onsalo


Purpose: This article analyzes the contents of the Fourth General Construction Agreement 2007-2011 and Provincial Collective Agreements of the region of Andalusia in order to understand the impact of the Law 3 / 2007 for Effective Equality between Women and Men in collective bargaining in construction sector.

Design/methodology: It has been compiled and analyzed the contents of the nine agreements, at all times has been applied a gender perspective in order to identify clauses and provisions so, these guarantee the real sexual equality or search it in working conditions.

Findings: This article reveals that collective bargaining in Andalusian construction sector is not playing the important role that has been given to revitalize and guarantee that equality and, therefore, this has encouraged the authoress to raising reflections and recommendations.

Originality/value: It evaluates the impact of the law for Effective Equality between Women and Men and reflects on the degree of compliance with this law.


collective bargaining, gender equality, the construction industry, working conditions, gender


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