Proposal of skills for the bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering in the context of the new curriculum.

Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Jose P. Garcia-Sabater, Mª Rosario Perello-Marin, Lourdes Canos-Daros


There are several aspects that determine the engineering education, that must be taken into account in developing the curriculum within the context of the European Higher Education Area. These curriculums are documents that reflect, among other things, what to learn, how to learn and evaluate what is learned, and when, in what sequence, should to be learned. In this communication we focus on what skills, attitudes and values should be learned in the bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering. We conducted an extensive review of literature, read in depth 38 references and 3 focus groups. These activities have enabled us to identify a sequence of curriculum development and 2 views of the profession. From this point we have raised the domain of future graduates and we have proposed 14 competencies, broken down into 53 skills training objectives.


curricula, industrial engineering, competencies

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