Trigger factors in brick and click shopping

Mage Marmol, Vicenc Fernandez


Purpose: The goal of this research is to describe the customer’s purchase path in different shopping channels and to identify which are the trigger factors that motivate the choice of every shopping channel.  The description of the factors that motivate this seamless experience across all channels will provide brands with knowledge about how to improve their strategic approach to engagement, belonging and retention of customers.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper builds propositions about the trigger factors for shopping channel choice based on thirty reports from the main consultancy companies made during the last five years and coded regarding the main topics highlighted in the literature. 

Findings: The findings of this study indicate that there are common trigger factors for every shopping channel and for every stage of the purchase path.

Research limitations / implications: The data are from different countries, segments and products although they show common patterns.

Originality/value: To date, little research in a complete vision of the shopping paths has been done. The definition of the different paths and the trigger factors associated to each one is unique and will help further research in this area.


Purchase process, customer experience, m-commerce, purchase intention, omnichannel

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