The impact of strategic intangible on the export performance of the manufacturing SMEs

Francisco Villena Manzanares, Jaime Eduardo Souto Pérez


Purpose: The objective of this research is to analyze the impact of certain strategic intangible aspects of manufacturing SMEs on export performance.

Design/methodology/approach: hypothesis testing was conducted with a sample of 150 manufacturing SMEs in Seville (Spain) and a structural equation system is modeled using the technique Partial Least Squares (PLS). The research model includes the following variables: relational capital, sustainable culture, quality certification, ability to improve competitiveness, ability to organize and orientation R & D.

Findings: In this research, we contribute with a model that offers an interesting explanation of how certain strategic intangible aspects play an important role in the competitive success of SMEs in foreign markets. The results show that relational capital is a strategic intangible, Which Have a bigger positive effect on export performance.

Research limitations/implications: The results may be more general if we had used a national sample and cross cultural. The conclusions cannot be directly extrapolated to other countries. This work propose future research doing the same study with other types companies.

Originality/value: This study aims to clarify the business of manufacturing SMEs that are exporting, or who are considering an export strategy, to adopt policies to meet their internal forces, to reflect on the management of their intangible aspects to strengthen the strategy export growth.


export performance, intangibles, manufacturing SMEs.

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