Management skills as competitive advantage. The case of public sector in Córdoba (Spain)

Francisco Javier Pereda Pérez, Tomás López-Guzmán Guzmán, Francisco González Santa Cruz


Purpose: To analyze the assessment of management skills in the public sector of Cordoba (Spain), trying to find out the possible relationship or influence between the administration of belonging to a set of management skills.

Design/methodology/approach: Initial Theoretical study on the public sector, public management and managerial skills, conducting fieldwork affecting four administrations and application of statistical techniques contrast, which, finally, the analysis of their results and the conclusions drawn from them.

Findings and Originality/value: The findings of an investigation into the management skills in the context of the public sector in the Province of Córdoba (Spain) are presented. At present the personal, interpersonal and managerial skills to manage, are becoming increasingly important in companies and organizations. The strong commitment to the development of management skills becomes a true competitive advantage capable of leading business improvement processes in organizations, especially those in which the human resource is crucial, as is the case of the public sector.

Research limitations/implications: To progress in research on management skills in the public sector, it would be desirable to develop more sector research to comparative studies the results of which lead to the establishment of specific labor policies aimed at improving the selection of public employees, developing training policies that emphasize the enhancement of skills and a true career based on merit and efficient performance.

Social implications: The selection, training and development of public employees, and greater give greater importance to human resource processes in which the skills and competencies should fill the role they need.

Originality / value: The better knowledge of the public sector, the importance of having competent public managers , and basically point out the critical importance of developing leadership skills at all levels, hierarchical or not, as a strategy to add value to the main application public sector, which is no other than human capital.


Management and personal skills, competitive advantage, public sector, publics employers, human capital

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