Important motivators for buying green products

Kamyar Kianpour, Roya Anvari, Ahmad Jusoh, Muhammed Fauzi Othman


Purpose: To addresses the main motivators that influence customers to buy green products as well as well as profiling the decisions that shape their behavior.

Design/methodology/approach: The authors have conducted a review of the major research related to consumers to identify motivational factors, to draw conclusions about their impact on buying green products.   Factor analysis is conducted on the collected data to find the underlying factors that motivate consumers to buy green products and most importantly motivational factors were identified by T test.

Findings: Results show that 1) Environmental Concern, Perceived Consumer Effectiveness, Consumer Knowledge 2) Laws and regulation and 3) Promotional Tools’ were the most important of motivators.

Practical implications: The results could help companies, authorities, governments, producers, sellers to know what motivate customers to buy green products and persuade the customers for buying them.

Social implications: Furthermore this research will indirectly contribute to increase the customers and public intention for buying green products which in turn will help to solve some of environmental issues and make less environmental side effect caused by products. It is notable that motivated consumers for buying green product will finally expect to have healthy life and clean environment which leads to a healthy and clean society.

Originality/value: This article contributes to the literature on the customers’ intention for buying green products by filling the gap in the concrete issues of the customers’ motivation.


Consumers’ Buying Behavior, Green Purchasing motivators, environmentally friendly products

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