Compulsive buying and credit card misuse among credit card holders: The roles of self-esteem, materialism, impulsive buying and budget constraint

Nor Asiah Omar, Ruzita Abdul Rahim, Che Aniza Che Wel, Syed Shah Alam


Purpose: This study aims to examine the factors that influence credit card misuse among working adults in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The relationship among self-esteem, materialism, impulsive buying, budget constraint, compulsive buying and credit card misuse are explored in this study.

Design/methodology/approach: A total of 186 questionnaires was collected via convenience sampling from credit card users of working adults in Malaysia. A structural equation model that assesses the relationship between the proposed variables is tested using AMOS 20.

Findings: The findings reveal that budget constraints, impulsive buying and materialism have a statistically significant influence on compulsive buying. In terms of credit card misuse, it is influenced negatively by self-esteem while positively by compulsive buying.

Originality/value: Despite vast research on compulsive buying and credit card misuse, very few studies have examined it in the non-Western context.


Credit card, compulsive buying, self-esteem, materialism, impulsive buying, budget constraints, Malaysia

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