The gamification and the enrichment of innovation practices in the firm: an analysis of experiences

Cristina Gallego Gomez, Carmen de Pablos Heredero


Purpose: Description of gamification practices in the company and the analysis of its influence on firm’s results by comparing experiences.

Design/methodology: Analysis of experiences from different firm’s experiences.

Findings: To show through real examples that the gamification leads to the achievement of better results in the organizations.

Research limitations/implications: Access to the information of the few cases that we can find in our context. It is a quite new a yet unusual practice for most organizations.

Practical implications: Reformulation of business communication strategies from best practices, where the gaming industry is an interesting precedent, which proofs that these practices improve business results.

Social implications: Socialization of the innovation process at firms

Originality/value: Provide an overview of the gamification as a practice that helps to pursue the strategy of collaboration with the client to improve results.


gamification, business strategy, innovation 2.0, gameplay, value co-creation, games theory, servitization

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