The concept of HPWS-Performance relationship: Framework for Education Industry

Osman Sadiq Paracha, Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail, Salmiah Mohamad Amin


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to enhance the knowledge of High Performance Work Systems (HPWS)-Performance relationship by presenting a review of existing literature and suggesting a comprehensive framework for education industry.

Design/methodology/approach: A review of existing literature is presented followed by its critical assessment. A conceptual framework is then provided in order to determine the HPWS-Performance relationship in education industry.

Findings: Existing HPWS-Performance literature has mostly focused on manufacturing sector ignoring the service sector especially the education industry, the authors suggest that this relationship be determined in this neglected sector while considering the "industry-specific" mediating and contingent factors which may have an effect on this relationship. The authors provide an integrated framework to measure the effect of HPWS on performance.

Research limitations/implications: The provided framework is yet to be tested empirically but can be used as a model for future research.

Originality/value: The paper provides an overview of HPWS-Performance literature and provides a framework based on "industry-specific" factors for education industry for empirical testing.



HPWS, Organizational Performance, Education Industry, Organizational Commitment, Human Capital, Location, Student-Teacher Ratio

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