The panorama of integrated marketing communication policies and the managemeng of CSR in mexican SME’S

Maria-Victoria Carrillo, Juan Luis Tato, Maria Garcia


Purpose: In this paper we study Integrated Marketing Communication policies and the management of image and CSR in a sample of three Mexican states SME’s.

Design/methodology/approach: It is designed a research with a panel of 105 SME’s from Jalisco, Colima and Nayarit states (México) and a questionnaire was applied to them. A group of variables were selected for this study to apply a hierarchical conglomerate clustering technique to conclude how many groups of SME’s we have. Subsequently, to know their differences, CATPCA (Categorical of Principal Components Analysis) was performed to group the variables into factors. With these results, MANOVA analysis was performed to explain differences between the groups formed in the cluster analysis.

Findings and Originality/value: Through the cluster analysis three groups have been given. The factors that explain these differences between groups reveal that as much interest for stakeholders in relationship with basic performances of businesses (clients, suppliers, employees, partner), more interest for basic communication. On the other hand, businesses with more interest for CSR communication show more relations with banks as strategic stakeholders.

Research Limitations/implications: The study is focused on three Mexican states, so the results cannot be generalized. This work is a descriptive study to show the SME,s panorama in Mexico, being not possible to extract causality relations.

Originality/value: This is a study about SME’s, being this group of companies the most numerous around the world. It is studied practices of Integrated Marketing Communication policies and it is done a quantitative analysis to describe the panorama of a SME’s Mexican sample.


SME’s, Mexico, Integrated Marketing Communication, Strategic CSR

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