Protean and boundaryless career attitudes scales: Spanish translation and validation

Mihaela Enache, Inés González, David Castillo, Oriol Lordan


Purpose: The aim of this paper is to translate into Spanish and examine the psychometric properties of the resulting Spanish version of Briscoe, Hall and DeMuth (2006)’s Protean and Boundayless Career Attitude Scale, encompassing: Self-Direction, Values-driven predispositions, Boundaryless mindset and Organizational Mobility Preference.

Design/methodology/approach: Translation of the Protean and Boundayless Career Attitude Scale was carried out using a back-translation procedure and cognitive interviews were conducted to ensure an accurate interpretation of questionnaire items. The validity and reliability of the scale were evaluated using exploratory factor analysis and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients. Finally, confirmatory factor analysis was performed to evaluate the factor structure of the modified version of the scale, which consists in those items with higher factor loadings.

Findings: The reliability coefficients of the modified scale are consistent with those reported by Briscoe et al. (2006). Nevertheless, the values-driven attitudes scale seem to measure two latent traits: strong core beliefs regarding one’s definition of career success and individual emphasis of core personal values through work (reliance on personal values when individual and organizational values do not match).

Originality/value: This is the first study which provides a Spanish translation of the Protean and Boundaryless Career Attitude Scale.


protean and boundaryless career attitudes scale, translation, Spanish


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