Buffering effect of psychosocial mentoring on the relationship between career mentoring and employee turnover intentions through attitude toward leaving

Sajid Haider, Carmen de Pablos Heredero


Purpose: This study seeks to examine distinct effects of career and psychosocial mentoring on employee turnover intentions in a moderated mediation model. Specifically, the purpose was to examine the mediating role of attitude toward leaving in the relationship between career mentoring and turnover intentions, and the moderating/buffering effect of psychosocial mentoring on the abovementioned mediating process.

Design/methodology/approach: Hypotheses have been tested deductively by using cross-sectional data from 352 bank employees. Analyses have been performed by applying partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM).  

Findings: The findings suggest that attitude toward leaving mediates the career mentoring-turnover intentions relationship, and psychosocial mentoring moderates this mediating effect.

Research limitations/implications: This study integrates theory of planned behavior (TPB) and Eight Forces Framework of voluntary turnover, and extends organizational literature by unfolding how psychosocial mentoring buffers the mediating effect of attitude toward leaving on career mentoring-turnover intentions relationship. Study limitations are about cross-sectional nature of data and external validity of results.

Practical Implications: This study’s contribution to practice is that organizations providing career mentoring to their employees should consider also the provision of psychosocial mentoring to avoid employee turnover intentions.

Originality/value: This study adds value to organizational literature by examining a previously untested buffering effect of psychosocial mentoring on the mediating process between career mentoring and turnover intentions.


Career mentoring, psychosocial mentoring, turnover intentions, attitude toward leaving, moderated mediation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/ic.2635

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