Olive Oil intangibility for competitive advantage

Ignacio Ruiz Guerra, Víctor Manuel Martín López, Valentín Molina Moreno


Purpose: New strategies and its uses to commercial reposition of the olive oil through the intangibles assets.

Design/methodology/approach: The theoretical framework application of the olive oil intangibility and to concept the intangible assets and statistical research quantitative development to valorize the concepts.

Findings: It proposes a conceptualization of the intangibles assets to create the olive oil concept, beyond to alimentary set. Conceptualization of the development of the intangibility of the olive oil responds to a repositioning strategy of the product in front of the competition in a globalization markets place.

Research limitations/implications: The research begins from the use limitation in a statistical method demanding reliability margin, but really diffuse, given that the improvement of olive oil consumption is only 5% in the vegetables oils markets.

Practical implications: The research proposes the intangibilities and characteristics of the olive oil. This isn´t new, it simply is a conceptualization of diary aspects but without importance, above all with the differentiation elements to competition actually. The commercial positioning of the product needs new strategies of differentiation and the olive oil can use the intangibles to confirm it means to justify the price expensive than other vegetable oils.

Social implications: The oleo sector is in a fragile important situation to commercial depression, and that take the olive farmers from the rural areas. This information impact directly to the people to lose rent levels that they are suffering in last years.

Originality/value: The olive oil is a characteristic product of the Mediterranean culture, and the research helps to conceptualize all the aspects that confirm the history and story of the olive oil from thousands years ago, and their means have been lost in this time. The repositioning of the product is characteristic of our way of live.


intangibility, rentability, cooperatives, olive oil,

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3926/ic.247

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