Teleworking and emotional exhaustion in the Colombian electricity sector: The mediating role of affective commitment and the moderating role of creativity

Carlos Santiago Torner


Purpose: After two years during which teleworking has been a temporary obligation, the Colombian electricity sector needs to analyze the effect of this type of work on the well-being of employees.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Therefore, this research aims to consider whether teleworking (independent variable) and its intensity, together with an implicit extension of the workday, emotionally exhaust (dependent variable) the members of the different organizations studied. Likewise, it is critical to know if affective commitment acts as a causal mediating process and if creativity influences and moderates the relationship between the variables studied. Consequently, a quantitative, cross-sectional, correlational-causal design is used with a sample of 448 teleworkers.

Findings: Regarding the results, teleworking and its intensity reduce emotional exhaustion and increase affective commitment. Furthermore, affective commitment acts as a mediating mechanism that tends to reduce exhaustion. However, teleworking when accompanied by an excess of creative demands and a lack of assessment of employees’ resources, gradually contributes to exhaustion. Finally, the extension of the workday reduces affective commitment and increases emotional exhaustion.

Research Limitations/Implications: A sector study reduces the generalization of results. Alongside, transversality restricts the accuracy of the temporal relationship between variables.

Practical Implications: Developing time management skills is key in teleworking. Also, setting reasonable learning deadlines will reduce possible emotional exhaustion. Finally, leadership has a basic role in digital disconnection policies.

Social implications: The perception that teleworking consolidates the work-family axis and equalizes genders is essential for companies to provide well-being in addition to being sustainable.

Originality/value: This research will have an impact on immediate decision-making that the Colombian electricity sector may have. Additionally, it can be useful for other industrial segments.


Teleworking, emotional exhaustion, affective commitment, creativity, Colombian electricity sector, workday extension.

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