Towards an integrated definition of job crafting

Mar Cárdenas, Juan Ramón Campos-Blázquez


Purpose: The aim of this paper is to form a comprehensive definition to describe the term “job crafting”.

Design/methodology/approach: Through a systematic review of the literature found in databases, such as Web of Science, Scopus, Emerald and ABI, articles containing the words “job crafting” in the title and abstract were identified. After following several criteria applied by previous similar analyses, the resulting final sample was 47 articles.

Findings: In this research paper on the term “job crafting”, 76 different definitions of its meaning were identified. After a systematic analysis of these definitions, with the aim of extracting the common elements that characterise job crafting, a definition is proposed, which makes it possible to include any typology, based on three key elements: the employee’s proactivity, the impact on the environment and the context in which the activity is carried out.

Research limitations/implications: The analysis is based on a review of extant literature, which previously has not considered the impact of such definitions of job crafting on hybrid (physical and remote) and virtual (metaverse) environments.

Practical implications: The paper aims to provide a simple and all-inclusive definition of job crafting that serves as a basis for identifying attitudes and behavior that will help in talent attraction, selection and development processes.

Social implications: This integrated definition will help individuals to develop the attitudes and behavior which will enable them to adapt their professional activities in a context where, according to the World Economic Forum (2020 study), 50% of the jobs we know today will disappear by 2030.

Originality/value: This article attempts to provide a succinct and all-inclusive definition of the term job crafting; something which has not previously been achieved.


Job crafting, definition, systematic literature review, employee, metaverse

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