Research trends of the knowledge-based economy: A bibliometric study

Maria Camila Bermeo Giraldo, Orfa Nidia Patiño Toro, Alejandro Valencia Arias, Martha Luz Benjumea Arias, Lemy Bran Piedrahita


Purpose: In recent years, the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) has been an emergent field related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In current business models, organizations need to be part of the digital transformation and create value for customers, which has caused an increase in the number of scientific publications on the KBE. This study aims to analyze the research trends of the scientific literature on the KBE published between 1986 and 2021.

Design/methodology: A bibliometric analysis was conducted using the Scopus database. The results were analyzed based on quantity, impact, and structure indicators and topics. In addition, this paper proposes a research agenda for future studies in this field.

Contributions and results: The study of the KBE has attracted the interest of the scientific community, especially in 2006, 2010, and 2011. This literature review shows that developed countries (e.g., Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany) have researched this field the most. Terms such as knowledge-based systems, knowledge management, and information management have become more common in the literature and are setting trends. These terms refer to essential components for the advancement of the KBE as an approach that can dynamize the economic development of organizations and countries.

Originality/value: This study contributes to the literature because it analyzes the theoretical evolution of the KBE field. In addition, it proposes an agenda for future studies to advance the research fields related to the Triple Helix model of innovation in developing countries.


Bibliometrics, economic development, knowledge-based economy

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