Oil and its influence on the creation of a sustainable society: A systematic literature review

David Roberto Olaya Escobar, Erika Sofía Olaya Escobar


Purpose: The aim of this work is to analyze the petroleum industry from the perspective of sustainability, taking into account its three dimensions: economic, environmental and social. Likewise, the objective is to identify and propose factors of sustainability, in other words, categories or subdivisions that allow us to analyze in greater detail the interactions and the effects of this industry on society, which must be evaluated in each of the three dimensions for the oil sector.

Design/methodology: This research was carried out by means of a systematic review of the literature, with a qualitative focus of an analytic/interpretive nature. A four-phase protocol was used for the search, using the guidelines of the PRISMA statement as a reference. This protocol describes the article selection criteria, search strategy, data extraction and procedures and tools used for the analysis.

Findings: The review reveals the need to establish a consensus on the sustainability factors that must be evaluated in each of the dimensions within the oil sector, given that the results of the search show that there is no clear definition or correlation with regard to the environmental, social and economic impact in the oil-producing regions. Most of the works identified were designed as case studies and a large majority of the results of the studies are contradictory, even showing adverse effects, while others fail to identify any hazards.

Originality/value: The most relevant contribution of this work is related to the identification of specific sustainability factors for the oil industry, which make it possible to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their influence on the three dimensions of sustainability, namely economic development, environmental aspects and social aspects. This classification according to factors is important in order to provide a cross-cutting conceptual framework that is applicable to any region or situation where the problems are being analyzed that derive from oil exploitation.


Oil industry, environmental impact, social development, sustainable development, public health

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