Student commitment to social responsibility: Systematic literature review, conceptual model, and instrument

Fabio Arroyave, Ana Redondo, Angels Dasí


Purpose: This study aims to carry out a systematic literature review on empirical manifestations of the student commitment to social responsibility in order to propose a conceptual model that systematizes the underlying patterns in these manifestations and an instrument that makes it measurable.

Design/methodology/approach: Four macro-processes were deployed: identify (locate the relevant literary space; the initial sample comprised 52 studies which later resulted in a sample of 24 studies), describe (narrative synthesis of the studies), deepen ( grouping patterns, validation, and characterization of the relevant literary space), and disseminate (preparation/refinement of the report).

Findings: This work provides a conceptual model comprising six dimensions about student commitment to social responsibility as well as a validated instrument at the content level that makes these dimensions empirically observable/measurable.

Originality/value: The proposed model and instrument provide greater clarity and homologation on the conception, composition, and empirical manifestations of the student commitment to social responsibility and its future measurement.

Practical implications: Insights are provided to focus efforts and organizational resources to develop the commitment addressed.


Social responsibility, commitment to social responsibility, systematic review, student

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