Corporate Social Responsibility in passenger transport companies

Nuria Arimany-Serrat, Anna Sabata-Aliberch, Clara de Uribe Salazar


Purpose: Analyse the financial and non-financial information (Corporate Social Responsibility) of passenger transport companies in the Barcelona metropolitan area due to the economic, environmental and social impact of this sector.

Design/methodology/approachy: The study uses the analysis of financial statements and an exploratory methodology of the non-financial indicators of passenger transport companies in the Barcelona metropolitan area (Busmet), as well as a validated CSR questionnaire. Financial and non-financial indicators of these companies are used to assess the integrated information, especially Corporate Social Responsibility.

Findings: The results show that transport companies have significant challenges in Corporate Social Responsibility since companies in the transport sector contribute significantly to the CO2 emissions that negatively affect the environment.

Limitations: The study is focused on a small group of companies and we would like to extend it to goods and passenger transport companies with a wider and more representative sample of the population, due to the economic and social significance of the sector.

Originality/value: There are few studies that refer to Corporate Social Responsibility in passenger transport companies, and it is a means of transport that has a significant economic and environmental impact on any city or metropolitan area, subject to diverse changes owing to innovation and current technological advances. The study helps to highlight the importance of the CSR of transport companies.


Corporate Social Responsibility, transport companies, financial indicators, non-financial indicators, ISO 26000, IQNet SR10

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