Counterproductive work behavior, job stress, trait emotional intelligence and person organization fit among employees of leasing industry in Indonesia

Arief Prima Johan, Anom Yusuf


Purpose: This study aims at comprehending counterproductive behavior from negative workplace situations, namely job stress. As job stress is an individual attitude, trait emotional intelligence (EI) was considered the determinant factor. In addition, the effect of person-organization (PO) fit was also scrutinized as a predictor of job stress.

Design/methodology/approach: The study used quantitative surveys in the leasing industry of Indonesia. 88 valid responses were used in the analysis. The analysis was conducted using Structural Equation Modelling with the help of the Smart PLS. The variables were measured using robust indicators from previous studies.

Findings: The results confirmed three meaningful relationships between counterproductive work behavior, job stress, trait EI and PO fit. Specifically, the analysis found a negative association between trait EI and job stress. It also revealed the negative effect of PO fit on job stress. However, the study failed to provide empirical evidence to support the relationship between job stress and counterproductive work behavior.

Research Limitations: This study has low generalization power since it did not construct from large sample size. Future research efforts should consider adding alternative dimensions that could help to better understand and predict CWB.

Practical and Social Implications: This study provides guidelines for practitioner to select and promote high EI candidates since they are proven to be less susceptible to stress. This study also suggests companies to align working atmosphere with employees’ characteristics. It also contributes to social interaction in the workplace by pointing companies to establish less stressfully work atmosphere.

Originality/value: This study considers alternative procedures to measuring counterproductive work behavior compared to those used in previous studies. Additionally, this study includes both personal or individual characteristics and interaction between the person and the organization to predict job stress.


Counterproductive work behavior, job stress, trait emotional intelligence, person-organization fit, Indonesia’s leasing industry

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