Influential variables in the profitability of hospital companies

Judit Creixans, Núria Arimany-Serrat


Purpose: This study attempts to evidence the economic and financial health of Spanish hospital companies in the period 2008-2015 and discover the variables that explain their profitability for survival and the opportune performance of their assets during a period of technological revolution and austerity.

Design/methodology: The study methodology consists of the short and long-term financial analysis of the companies in the study sample during the period 2008-2015, together with analysis is of their economic state, equity and treasury. To add value to the research, the profitability of the hospital companies has been explained in terms of the following independent variables: short-term solvency, debt, business size, legal form, GDP per capita, population density of and indicators of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Findings: In the analyzed period, the economic and financial health of hospital companies is characterized by acceptable liquidity and indebtedness that significantly influence its profitability; this is accompanied by good financial and expenditure management, though it is necessary to improve the management of assets.

Research limitations/implications: It was not possible to obtain data for 2016, as it was not available in the database used (SABI). These data would have been useful to evaluate the changes in trends that are taking place in the health sector due to the technological revolution and economic policies affecting it.

Practical implications: The health sector is one of the pillars on which society is based, and therefore knowing detailed economic and financial information allows us to make appropriate decisions, both on the hospital level and in terms of the economic policies of governments.

Social implications: This study provides evidence of the financially relevant indicators that healthcare companies must control for their survival and to provide proper service to society in general. The research also identifies non-financial variables that contribute to improving the profitability of hospital companies, while also having a good impact on society.

Originality/value: To indicate financial and non-financial measures to improve the profitability of hospital companies at a time of technological innovation and austerity.


economic and financial analysis, hospital companies, profitability, healthcare industry, liquidity, indebtedness

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