Antecedents and consequences of knowledge management performance: the role of IT infrastructure

José L. Roldán, Juan C. Real, Silvia Sánchez Ceballos


Purpose: In this paper, we assess the role of knowledge management (KM) practices as a key antecedent of KM performance. Also, we examine how Information technology (IT) infrastructure is used as a driver of KM performance, organizational performance and innovation. In addition, the effects of IT infrastructure can be indirect. Specifically, we show that KM performance is a mediator between organizational performance and innovation.

Design/methodology/approach: Applying a variance-based structural equation modelling (PLS), we have carried out a study among a sample of 82 Andalusian technology-intensive innovative companies.

Findings: First, KM practices and IT infrastructure are significant antecedents of KM performance. Second, KM performance has a direct influence on business performance and innovation outcomes. Third, IT infrastructure does not have a direct influence on business performance and innovation outcomes, but does have a significant indirect effect on them via KM performance.

Practical implications: This research provides insights for why some firms may not be realizing benefits from investing in IT infrastructure. KM performance is strongly needed for the successful implementation of IT infrastructure in the organizations.

Originality/value: The findings are important for practitioners and researchers because this study makes a contribution to the literature in KM by supporting the perspective that the business and organizational performance are function of the KM performance, a complementary resource through the value of IT infrastructure is enhanced.


Knowledge management performance, IT infrastructure, innovation, knowledge management practices, organizational performance, partial least squares (PLS)

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