Vol 7, No 2 (2011)

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ARTICLES (English)

Interactional justice as a mediator of the relationship between pay for performance and job satisfaction PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Azman Ismail, Azizul Hakim Mashkuri, Ahmad Zaidi Sulaiman, Wong Kee Hock 213-235
Training in Spanish organizations: Trends and future perspectives PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Maria Jose Rubio Hurtado, Maria Dolors Millan Guasch, Flor Cabrera Rodríguez, Antoni Navio Gámez, Pilar Pineda Herrero 236-260
A review of the customer lifetime value as a customer profitability measure in the context of customer relationship management PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Raphael Damm, Carlos Rodríguez Monroy 261-279
Training as a factor of business excellence PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
María Luz Marín-Díaz, Xavier Llinàs-Audet, Luis Chiaramonte-Cipolla 280-305
Higher education needs for the ICT Spanish market PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Ariadna Llorens, Xavier Llinàs-Audet, Antoni Ras 306-328
Relationships between vocational training centres and industrial SMEs in the Basque Country: A Regional Innovation System approach PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Eneka Albizu, Mikel Olazaran, Cristina Lavía, Beatriz Otero 329-355
Calling line managers in employee continuous professional development in South East Asia PDF[EN] HTML EPUB
Anubama Ramachandra, Nur Naha Abu Mansor, Azzman Mohamed 356-374

ARTICLES (Spanish)

Zara: International brand image and fashion site launch in Western Europe PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
Noemí Martínez Caraballo 375-409
The distinctive "Igualdad en la Empresa": A new certification on equal opportunities PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
Rosa Melero-Bolaños, Jesús N. Ramírez-Sobrino 410-427
Intangible assets in the internationalization of Spanish wineries: Directive and compared perception between family and non family businesses PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
Guadalupe Fuentes-Lombardo, Rubén Fernández-Ortiz, Miriam Cano-Rubio 428-473
From design of activity-based costing systems to their regular use PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
M. Angels Fito, John Slof 474-506
Research in operations management teaching: Trends and challenges PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
Carmen Medina-López, Rafaela Alfalla-Luque, Juan A. Marin-Garcia 507-548
The productivity from a human perspective: Dimensions and factors PDF[ES] HTML EPUB
Mirza Marvel Cequea, Carlos Rodríguez Monroy, Miguel Angel Núñez Bottini 549-584

ARTICLES (Catalan)

The business prestige: A preliminary study based on interlocks within companies PDF[CAT] HTML EPUB
Carlos Sicilia, Oriol Lordan, David Gonzalez-Prieto 585-610

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